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Amazon India

Promoting Indic Language Functionality To Bharat On ShareChat Through Creator Ads

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Campaign Objective

Amazon India launched a new Indic language capability on its platform to engage and connect with new e-commerce customers from the southern states of India. The brand was looking to create awareness and excitement about this functionality through a language-first outstream campaign.

About the Brand

Amazon, one of India's leading e-commerce platforms, keeps consumers at the heart of its entire experience. The brand has continuously worked on incorporating features that could enable its consumers to find the products that they desire. Since its arrival in India, Amazon has made strides in increasing its reach in the far and remotest corners of the country, in addition to the urban areas. One of the most recent steps in this direction has been the introduction of new Indic languages on the platform.

Brand's Ask

While Amazon India has gained a strong foothold in India’s e-commerce market, the brand has now turned its attention to the country’s hinterlands - largely making up Bharat. Amazon India wanted to showcase its diverse Indic language functionality, not just to the urban customers but also to language- first users.

Our Solution

To create awareness about the addition of Indic language functionality on its platform, the brand collaborated with ShareChat for an outstream campaign using Creator Ads. Creator Ads are exclusive video ads created by ShareChat in the native language of the user. In Amazon’s case, the campaign communication was created in five languages - Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu, promoting the brand’s application for Indic languages. The campaign was run on ShareChat for a period of 2 weeks.


Brand Achievement

Amazon India managed to build awareness and promote its Indic language functionality among ShareChat’s users in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. In addition to visibility, the brand was also able to drive its brand message effectively, indicated by high view through rates across the target regions.

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