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Amazon India Chatroom Session

Promoting Indic Language Functionality To Bharat On ShareChat With Chatroom Sessions.

Campaign Objective

To penetrate into the dense markets of tier 2 & tier 3 cities of India, Amazon partnered with ShareChat Chatrooms. Their main goal was to break the barriers and myths surrounding online shopping trends among the Indic language users and help them overcome the ‘English’ phobia.

About the Brand

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in India. The brand has continuously worked on incorporating features to enable its consumers to find the products that they desire seamlessly. While in the initial stages of its launch, Amazon India’s focus lay within the urban areas, it has now moved far beyond just metro cities to target even the remotest corners of the country. One such recent step in this direction has been the introduction of Indic languages on its app.

Brand's Ask

Amazon India launched the Indic language functionality on their app that allows users to search for specific shopping items in their native language without having to worry about English keywords. The brand’s agenda of conducting chatroom sessions to promote this feature was to connect with the language-first consumers and make them comfortable with online shopping.

Our Solution

To create awareness about the addition of Indic language functionality on the Amazon India app, we conducted two chatroom sessions on our platform. We roped in RJ Pritam Singh and RJ Abhimanyu and conducted chatroom sessions titled: बना राई का पहाड़


Brand Achievement

Amazon India managed to build awareness and promote its Indic language functionality among ShareChat users on a massive scale. In addition to visibility, the brand was also able to drive its brand message effectively and conduct a live demo of the Indic language functionality to users, thus resulting in high user engagement across the two chatroom sessions.

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