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Godrej Expert Rich Crème

Using Full-Screen Video and Creator Ads to Get a Festive Ready Look with Godrej Expert Rich Crème

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Campaign Objective

Godrej Expert, a well-known brand in the hair colouring segment, intended to drive awareness for its unconventional hair colour shades during the festive season. Through its Durga Pujo campaign, the brand wanted to engage new customers digitally to achieve their goal.

About the Brand

Godrej Expert Rich Crème is available in five colour shades – Natural Brown, Honey Brown, Burgundy, Black Brown, and Natural Black. The hair colour is enriched with 10x more aloe vera which leaves the hair incredibly soft. It's no-ammonia formulation prevents hair damage, and it comes packaged in pre-measured sachets. This means customers needn’t bother with cumbersome calculations and can apply the hair colour from the comfort of their homes.

Brand's Ask

Hair colouring among non-metro users is mostly restricted to traditional hair colours. Godrej Expert Rich Crème sought to address the underlying need among this highly-spirited and upcoming segment to look fashionably appealing with trendy colours like Black and Burgundy during the festive season. The goal of the campaign strategy was to elevate brand trust and to widen market penetration.

Our Solution

ShareChat came up with Godrej Expert Rich Crème’s Durga Pujo campaign to help the brand communicate its message effectively. ShareChat ran the campaign in Bengali and utilized its two impactful formats – Creator Ads (Multilingual Full-screen Video Ads). The strategy aimed to promote the product’s Black and Burgundy shades among Bengali users. ShareChat's Full-screen Video Ads in Bengali enabled users to discover Godrej Expert Rich Crème conveniently. As the Full-screen Video Ad format is deeply immersive, it allowed the brand to communicate its benefits with ease. Customers were not just hooked into the campaign but were engaged enough to follow up with the desired action. ShareChat also tapped into its pool of Bengali creators to create engaging yet informative videos regarding hair colouring. These creator ads played the all-important role of contextually delivering the brand message to the regional audience.


Brand Achievement

The campaign successfully met its desired objectives to convey the benefits of the product effectively to prospective customers through its contextual delivery. The brand benefited immensely from the immersive nature of ShareChat’s Full-screen Video Ads and the strong resonance of Creator Ads. Consequently, it witnessed a rise in brand awareness and an increase in purchase intent among buyers.

Words of Praise

“...ShareChat became a key partner in getting our brand message across the Bengali-speaking audience. With regional content through ShareChat, we established a better connection with the audience to make Godrej Expert Rich Crème the go-to-brand to get festive ready.” Pankaj Singh Parihar, VP & Head - Digital & Digital Transformation, GCPL

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