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Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities of Bharat - A Growing Market Place For Modern Banking & Financial Sector

An increase in the working population and a growing disposable income in the tier 2 and tier 3 sections of the country has raised the demand for banking and related services in the region*1.

ShareChat & Moj- A Stronghold In The Growing Markets Of Semi-Urban Bharat

ShareChat and Moj are India’s leading social media and short-video apps, where 1 in 4 internet users in India use ShareChat and 1 in 4 Moj users participate in Hashtag Challenge campaigns for brands. We are uniquely positioned to target the users of Bharat since we have users from across metro cities, urban cities, and semi-urban regions of India.
Why Advertise Your Finance and FinTech Brand On ShareChat?

ShareChat is designed to cater to the users of Bharat - a rising section of India’s Digital Revolution Initiative, who are estimated to account to over 61% of the overall Indian internet user base by the end of 2021.

Bharat Invests More Than India

The audience of Bharat invests extensively on Life Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Gold and Silver, and even on Savings Account. Bharat invests in 4 different plans, while urban India only invests in 3.

Bharat’s Investment Tools are Higher As Compared To India
  • 51% of Bharat invests in Life Insurance, while only 41% of India invests in this scheme.
  • 39% Bharat invests in Mutual Funds and Fixed Deposits, with urban India is at just 34%.
  • 24% of Bharat invests in Gold and Silver, with merely 19% of Urban India investing in the same scheme.

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Grow Your Business By Advertising Your Finance & FinTech Services To Bharat.

There is a massive increase in traffic coming from tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India to the digital payment sites in the recent years. This has contributed aggressively to the rise in this market. In the coming years, it is estimated that the tier 2 and tier 3 cities of Bharat will lead the FinTech space*2.

Tech Savvy Millennials & Gen-Z of Bharat Boost Digital Payments

Amazon Pay reached out to ShareChat to target the youth of Bharat. The main goal was to make the audience aware of their payment feature and to educate the users regarding its benefits. The campaign was launched pan India in 5+ Indian languages and resulted in over 1 crore views in under two weeks.

Muthoot Targets Enthusiastic Cricket Fans on ShareChat

Muthoot Fincorp approached ShareChat to create a buzz around the launch of Muthoot Gold Loans in the backdrop of the T20 series. The campaign was launched pan India in over 5 Indian languages. Muthoot was able to successfully target a particular set of audience based on their interests and generate higher brand awareness as a result.

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Success Stories Of Finance and FinTech Brands

Muthoot Fincorp chose the backdrop of T20 series to target the cricket fanbase of ShareChat. Customised ad formats were utilized, which included an array of T20 scorecards, native banners, and interstitial ads. The campaign was launched pan India in 5+ Indic languages. The result? We exceeded in our targeted impressions and drove brand awareness.



*1Data Source: IBEF- Banking Sector in India


*2 Data Source: The Economic Times

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