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Tier II & Tier III Cities - Driving The Next Wave Of E-Commerce Growth

India’s e-commerce order volume skyrocketed in 2020, with Tier II & Tier III cities accounting for a 90% year-on-year incremental volume and value growth. These cities also reported a significant share in the overall e-commerce sales volume*.

ShareChat & Moj- 325 Mn+ Indic Language Users Across Bharat

ShareChat and Moj are India’s leading social media and short-video apps. We have over 325 Mn+ active users and a strong creator community with 8 crore and counting. We are uniquely positioned to target the Indic language users of Bharat across metro cities, urban cities, and semi-urban and rural regions of India.
Why Advertise Your E-Commerce Business On ShareChat?

ShareChat is designed to cater to the users of Bharat - a rising section of India’s Digital Revolution Initiative, who are estimated to account to over 61% of the overall Indian internet user base by the end of 2021.

Bharat Shops Online

Apparels, fashion products, gadgets, non-electronic devices, are the top purchased online categories among Bharat shoppers. Consumers from tier II and tier III cities have purchased more categories online, as compared to the urban population of India.

Bharat Users Spend Higher On Luxury Items

Bharat spends significantly higher on expensive watches, perfumes, bags, shoes, and other items as compared to India. Bharat also spends more on home furnishing and on travel.

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  3. Interact with your customers in their language and deliver 100% customer satisfaction.
  4. Acquire 325 Mn+ new customers by promoting your business pan India.
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Success Stories Of E-Commerce Brands

India’s largest E-commerce companies are advertising on ShareChat to boost customer acquisition and to generate incremental sales.



*Data Source- India Brand Equity Foundation (

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