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Howzat! All you need to know about Bharat’s love for T20 cricket

Bharat has an insatiable appetite for entertainment and cricket. When the sporting icons play their best on the field, ShareChat is up to the brim with emotions in real time. Bharat's conversations reflect the twists and turns of the game. They often start way before the league, in anticipation, and go on for much later as Bharat reminisces the key moments. Last year, during India's favourite T20 cricket tournament, ShareChat saw 110 Mn+ Engagement and 400 Mn+ Interactions on content around it. The numbers reflect several starting points for brands to join Bharat’s cricket festivities and cheer along as fans — while winning on campaign metrics along the way.

Download this infographic to gain exclusive insights into Bharat's mood and actions ahead of India's most celebrated T20 cricket league.


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