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Research and Insights

Our Research Report Hub offers a wide collection of market research reports from leading publishers across the country. Our goal is to offer businesses and industries with reliable market intelligence reports that aid in a better understanding of the current Indian market, the Indian internet population, the upcoming trends among buyers across the country, and much more. It also provides you with a clearer understanding of your competitors in your respective industry.

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Consumer Durables Set To Soar This Summer

Download this infographic to gain exclusive insights into how consumer durable brands can tap into Bharat’s market and achieve long-term success.

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Getting Young India Right

Getting Young India Right is a report that will enable marketers to unlock the influence of short-form videos. Unravelling young India's content preferences and purchasing power, the report contains insights to help brands build impactful campaigns.

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Howzat! All you need to know about Bharat’s love for T20 cricket

Download this infographic to gain exclusive insights into Bharat's mood and actions ahead of India's most celebrated T20 cricket league.

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Tracking Bharat’s Intent to Invest

Download this infographic to gain exclusive insights for creating stronger 'bonds' with Bharat.

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Now Trending: In Bharat & On ShareChat

Download insights on the top 5 categories that trended in Bharat and how brands can leverage ShareChat’s Trending Tags feature.

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