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MasterClass: Launching ShareChat Ads Business Centre

22 June 2022

Watch the session recording to get an insight on how:

  • Agencies can add Associates to their Business Centre and manage their Brand and Module level accesses from within this account.
  • This feature particularly caters to medium-to-large agency-type marketers who run campaigns for multiple clients simultaneously, with the help of numerous users within their business centre - each with a designated set of brand(s) and role(s).
  • This new feature also renders more control at Brands' ends to consolidate and curate their presence on our social media platforms.

Resolve Your Top Queries On Brand New Features On ShareChat Ads Platform

Resolve your top queries about brand new feature - Language Level Audience Estimator tool, and the Top 3 features in 2022.

21 December 2022

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Experience our brand new feature - Language-Level Audience Estimator tool

Watch Radhika Khandelwal, Product Manager at ShareChat Ads, highlight the language-level audience estimator and the top 3 features of 2022 of our Ads platform

19 December 2022

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