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MasterClass: How To Increase Your Marketing ROI With ShareChat Ads

26 July 2022

In these 60 minutes you will get an insight on how to:

  • Drive ROI through impactful creatives
  • How to make your campaigns stand-out creatively
  • Best creative marketing practises on ShareChat Ads
  • Boost campaign performance through exclusive campaign creatives
  • Deep-dive into the best creative practises in the Gaming, Fintech, E-Commerce & Edtech industry

Experts answer to the top questions from our latest ShareChat & Moj Ads MasterClass

Our MasterClass - Short-Form Videos, Culture, and Language: The Winning Formula for Modern Marketing, educated businesses on making the most of their marketing efforts by leveraging the power of culture and language-first communication in SFV creation. To help you create impactful SFVs, we are addressing some of the questions we received during the MasterClass.

6 June 2023

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Short-Form video and its dominance on Young India and Bharat | Fireside Chat

Watch Himanshu Arora & Gaurav Jain in a fireside chat, discussing all things SFV and its dominance on young India and Bharat.

5 June 2023

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