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MasterClass: Create SMARTer Campaigns to Grow in Bharat

29 September 2021

In a diverse linguistic country like India, connecting with regional consumers in their own language is the key to onboarding a customer. Tap into this lingual diversity with ShareChat Ads and connect with a diverse population across the length and breadth of the country.

Key takeaways from this video session:

  • How to create high awareness campaigns using ShareChat Ads
  • Learn how to create engagement ads, traffic ads, and local business ads, with accurate language targeting
  • Develop your own effective digital ad marketing strategies using our Campaign Goals feature
  • Refine your audience and target them directly with ShareChat Ads
  • Optimise and scale your ShareChat Ad Campaigns based on Analytics Reports
  • Use ShareChat Ads Manager effectively to run ads & schedule budgets

Resolve your top queries on ShareChat & Moj's newly launched features

To further assist you on how to plan your campaigns, we are addressing some of the queries that we received during the MasterClass.

29 March 2023

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Newly Launched Features on ShareChat & Moj

Watch Radhika & Himanshu, deep dive into our newly launched features such as Unified Campaigns, Manage Post tools & Event Manager tool on ShareChat Ads.

28 March 2023

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