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MasterClass: Business Goals and Relevant Bidding Models on ShareChat Ads

13 January 2022

Key Takeaways from this session:

  • Awareness: Measuring recall value of your brand among the target audience.
  • Traffic: Take potential buyers under confidence and encourage them to click on your ads. Lead them to a landing page to access more information.
  • Conversions: Objectives to encourage people interested in your business to take action, purchase, and/or use your products or services.

Resolve Your Queries From Our Festive MasterClass

In our Festive MasterClass, we shared data backed insights on how there is high intent among consumer to spend during the ongoing festive season. To further help you plan better marketing campaigns, here are some of the queries we addressed during the MasterClass.

2 November 2023

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Here's how brands can capitalize on this Festive season with data-backed strategies

In this MasterClass, Gaurav Jain and Amitek Sinha emphasized the high intention among the audience to spend during the festive season, as highlighted in India's #FestiveFeeling Report 2023, and how brands can capitalize on this opportunity with data-backed strategies.

31 October 2023

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