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MasterClass: Analyse Campaign Data To Extract Key Insights

8 December 2021

Key takeaways from this session:

- How to measure campaign performance using various indicators

- Delivery and Reach Metrics: How to track impressions, clicks, and spends under the delivery tab, so you can receive deeper insights into user behavior.

- Reach Reports: Access these reports to measure daily and total reach split by user demographics for your campaign. You can now keep track of your campaigns based on gender, age group, cities, and states.

- Export Campaign Data: Extract reports into PNG or CSV format. This helps you review and measure the performance of your ad campaigns. Analyze the data of each individual campaign successfully.

Resolve your top queries on ShareChat & Moj's newly launched features

To further assist you on how to plan your campaigns, we are addressing some of the queries that we received during the MasterClass.

29 March 2023

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Newly Launched Features on ShareChat & Moj

Watch Radhika & Himanshu, deep dive into our newly launched features such as Unified Campaigns, Manage Post tools & Event Manager tool on ShareChat Ads.

28 March 2023

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