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Addressing Top Queries on Pixel Implementation

18 November 2021

Thank you for attending our Masterclass - PIXEL Tracking and Conversion Ads to Grow In Bharat (Open Beta) on November 16, 2021. To further assist you with your pixel journey, we are addressing some of the top queries regarding pixel implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the inclusion of base pixel needed on every page, or, is it required only on the pages where conversion events are placed?

Base Pixel is not required on every page. However, ShareChat Ads does recommend you include it across all page. This helps us to track the number of page views per user on your site, which in-turn gives us a thorough user behavioural insight and conversions thereof. If you would like to leverage this feature, we highly recommend the inclusion of pixel on every page. If not, feel free to implement the pixel only on the pages where you have your events mapped.

2. What is the minimum duration or budget we need to allow ShareChat pixel, so there is sufficient time to optimize?

You can start your bids with as less as Rs. 100 daily budget and Rs. 1 CPC. However, we recommend a more optimised CPC or daily budget level. If required, we can give you personal recommendations on the most optimum CPC and daily budgets based on your category.

3. Does ShareChat Ads platform help in conversion of high ticket products, since the ads tend to reach the rural areas as well?

We help in reaching the audience of SEC, SEC-A+ as well, since the buying propensity of Tier 2 and Tier 3 is emerging at a fast pace. Our language targeting feature further boosts this reach. Feel free to explore our successful case studies here:

4. Which bidding is available on CPA objective?

We have two pricing models available: CPM and CPC. While you are allowed to set your own bid and make changes as per your budget, you will be charged based on your bidding. For conversion ads, we specifically have the CPC bidding mechanism so you can optimise campaign and maximise conversions.

5. What are ShareChat Ads Advertising Policies and Guidelines?

Being a UGC platform, we have a very stringent content guidelines and policies. Kindly refer to this link for a detailed policy framework:

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