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Addressing Top Queries on Business Goals and Relevant Bidding Models on ShareChat Ads

16 January 2022

Resolving your top queries on how to set business goals and bidding models

1. Why are CPM bidding not available on conversion campaigns on ShareChat?

One part of conversion campaigns are impressions, meaning you get a visit on your landing page only once your ad is viewed and clicked. The reason why we don't provide CPM on conversions is because it is already happening on a CPC model.

2. How do I set up a good budget for my ads and what is the best cpc and cpm fix for ads?

This is dependent on your industry and your business goals. We suggest that you choose your advertising category diligently based on your goals. The narrower your audience target, the better. Please do reach out to for more details.

3. Does budget and CPM setting show the reach estimate?

Currently, we only show the reach estimate based your targeting. But in the coming months, we will give you an estimate based on your bidding and budgets.

4. How much time and budget should I give my campaigns to let them optimize?

It takes around a week to optimize learning. After a week, you will start to see better results.

5. Is there a cost per view model (cpv)?

Right now, we do not have a CPV model available. If you would like the CPV model for conversion campaigns, our team will help you setup the same. Please reach out to to get this set up.

6. When running ads on CPC model, the bid is increasing. How can I control this?

Firstly, select the campaign objective based on the goals that you would like to achieve. If you are looking for awareness and want to control your bidding more effectively, you can select a CPM based bidding. Under CPC, we can help you with your targeting or frequency capping to optimize your campaigns.

If you have any queries, please reach out to

7. Is brand lift study available on ShareChat?

Yes, for larger clients we have BLS. Please specify which industry you are from and we can share them with you. Please reach out to to know more.

8. Where can I view all the Masterclass recordings?

We are developing a new page called Masterclass Hub, where you can view all the content pieces from Masterclass that were previously conducted by ShareChat Ads.

9. On the platform, it shows, Conversion Goal is coming soon. Any expected date for it going live?

You can now opt-in for the campaign objective "Conversion" directly on our platform. If you are facing any roadblocks, please reach out to

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