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Connecting Bharat & Brands: Resolve Your Top Queries On How To Run Campaigns On ShareChat Ads

30 May 2022

We conducted a MasterClass session, Connecting Bharat & Brands: Insightful Success Stories, on May 25, 2022. To further assist you with understanding our ads platform, we are addressing some of your top queries.

Watch the complete Q&A session recording below:

MasterClass: Short-Form Videos, Culture, and Language: The Winning Formula for Modern Marketing

We conducted an insightful MasterClass session on 31st May, 2023. In this MasterClass, we educated businesses on how to make the most of their marketing efforts by leveraging short-form videos while leveraging the power of culture and language-first communication.

31 May 2023

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The Popularity of Short-Form Videos Among Young India

Watch Payal Sakhuja & Seema Walia in a fireside chat, discussing young India's content preferences and purchasing power in depth.

25 April 2023

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