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Understanding India’s Next Billion Internet Users.

ShareChat, in partnership with Nielsen India, conducted a nationwide research to delve deeper into India's social media usage, consumption, and online behaviour trends among active internet users.

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The onset of the Digital Revolution has led to the penetration and consumption of the internet in the grassroots, thereby, opening a hotbed of digital opportunities. While we are aware of digital data consumption being at an all-time high, are we really aware of the latest user consumption trends?

India - A Land Of Many Tongues, A Multicultural Nation.

of internet users in metros prefer English on social media.
of Non-metro internet users prefer Regional Languages on social media.

ShareChat - Designed For Multilingual India

ShareChat has a stronghold in the growing markets of Tier I, Tier II and Tier III cities. Advertising on ShareChat Ads helps your business tap into the growing market of language-first users.

Tier 1
Users from Top 8 Metro Cities
Tier 2
Users from Top 100 Urban Cities
Tier 3
Users from Semi-Urban & Rural Cities

Uncover India’s User Consumption Trends

73% of India consumes content on social media everyday, with most active hours being between 7-11 pm. They use social media at least 3 times a day, and spend over 5 hours a week on the platform.

User consumption trends of India
ShareChat & Moj User Consumption Trends
1 in 4 internet users in India is on ShareChat. We have a combined booming community of 34 crore monthly active users, who spend an average of 31 minutes on the platform each day.

Bharat Vs India. Explore User Activity Trends.

This research report has characterised internet users into:

Users who prefer Regional Languages on social networking platforms.
Users who prefer English on social networking platforms.

An MSME business owner looking to expand your customer base in Bharat.


A Local business owner looking to expand across the country.


E-commerce industry looking to drive sales from across India.


A Global business seeking to expand in the regional parts of India.


Start-up or entrepreneurs experimenting with digital sales.


A Digital Agency looking to market their business, products, and services.

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How Can ShareChat Help?

ShareChat is India’s leading social media platform. It was started with the single objective of encouraging users to communicate in the language of their choice in the internet space.

Today, ShareChat & Moj have a combined monthly active user base of over 40 crore. ShareChat Ads can help your business grow multifolds with a multilingual targeted outreach plan, tailored specifically for your target audience.

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