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Take your business to your future customers. Millennials and Gen-Z from across tiers are the Next-Gen consumer base that drive sales. The audience of ShareChat and Moj have purchase power, influence consumption and expenditure, and is the key force in driving brand loyalty.

Why Advertise On ShareChat Ads?

ShareChat Ads is a one-stop solution for all businesses, advertisers, and marketers, alike. With us, you can target 40 crore+ users by advertising across ShareChat and Moj apps. We offer customised ad solutions to all, regardless of the budget. Connect with your potential customers and leverage the power of language-first advertising.

Your Audience Awaits You On ShareChat & Moj

ShareChat and Moj are India’s leading social media and short-video apps, with over 40 crore monthly active users. Market your brand to our wide list of users and establish a personal connection by interacting with them in the language of their choice.

40 Crore+
Monthly Active Users
16.5 Crore+
Content Shared/Month
28,000 Crore+
Video Views/Month
34 Minutes+
Spent Daily

ShareChat Advertising Tools


Run Multilingual Campaigns


Analyze Campaign Performance


Supported Campaign Objectives


Target Language-First Audiences

We Offer Simplified Marketing Solutions

Get started by picking the right Campaign Goal

You are the best judge to decide a campaign goal that serves your business interests perfectly. Choose the right ad objective that will help you achieve the desired outcome from your campaign.

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Select the Ad Format that lets you engage with your audience

You can choose what works best; Display or Video. Consumption of video content is at an all-time high across all social media platforms. Drive user engagement with likes, shares, and comments.

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Multilingual Campaigns for native audiences

Personalization is the key to user engagement. As one of the primary targeting options, our ads platform imparts brand leverage to connect with audiences in multiple Indian languages. The language attribute can be further combined with ad preferences to suit your business.

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Tapping potential buyers with Accurate Targeting

Reach out to the right audience and connect with them. Our Ads Targeting section allows you to refine your target audience, so you can reach out to specific users defined by your brand goals. Get your brand message delivered to the audience who matter the most to your business.

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Scale your ad campaigns with Budget changes

Business goals are unique to each business. Similarly, budgets are unique as well. You can choose the frequency and budget that suits your business needs. You can schedule campaigns and utilize budgets that are sustainable, and scale up as you grow.

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Analyze Campaign Performance for actionable insights

Analyze and monitor your spends to effectively optimize your campaign performance. A detailed analysis of your campaign performance can be viewed in realtime on the Campaign Performance and Analytics section.You can also tweak your campaign budgets, targeting rules, etc on the go.

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Be A Part Of Our ShareChat Family

Global brands are leveraging the power of ShareChat Ads. It’s time you join their league!


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