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Reach More Customers With ShareChat Ads’ 1+1 Offer

Recharge your wallet with Rs. 10,000 or more and get 100% additional Ad Credits + Creative Credits*

We’re offering all our customers 100% additional ad credits on their next three wallet recharges of Rs. 10,000 or more. In addition, redeem creative credits to get customised creatives designed by our experts. Avail our offer today to build brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales with higher return on investment.

HURRY! Limited Period Offer

100% Wallet Amount

Redeem Creative

Upper Limit for this Offer
is Rs. 2 Lakh

Higher Return on

Unlock ShareChat Ads’ Exclusive Offer For Agency Partners

As a ShareChat agency partner, you can now receive additional incentives over and above our 1+1 Offer. Follow the below steps to unlock your exclusive offer and make the most out of marketing with ShareChat!


Sign up on ShareChat Ads and request for a multi-brand account


Meet the budget, bidding* and lock-in period criteria to become eligible


Avail exclusive incentives tailored specifically for your agency

This offer is applicable only for agencies and is tailored to meet the needs of each individual agency. To gain more information on the slab of incentives that you can unlock today, click the link below and provide us with your details. Our onboarding team will contact you within 48 hours.

How Can I Claim My 100% Credits?

ShareChat Ads’ 1+1 Offer enables you to get higher ROI with 100% additional ad credits along with creative credits. You can claim your 1+1 offer in the following ways:


Sign up on ShareChat Ads


Recharge your ads wallet with a minimum of Rs. 10,000 or more


Receive 100% of your top-up as ad credits for your next 3 wallet recharges


Get customised creatives/video designed by our experts (T&C apply)

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How do Ad Credits work?

Once you recharge your ads wallet for Rs. 10,000 or more, 100% of the amount will be credited to your account in the form of ad credits. Once the credits have been added to your wallet, you can redeem your ad credits. Your future online advertising costs will utilise these ad credits until the time the account runs out or as of the credit expiration date; whichever comes first. These ad credits can only be utilized for new ad campaigns set-up on your account.

Is there a maximum limit to the Credits I can acquire?

ShareChat Ads is offering 100% additional ad credits on your ads wallet amount. You can recharge your wallet for any amount above Rs. 10,000 and we will credit 100% of the same amount for next 3 wallet recharges. The upper limit to receive 100% ad credits is Rs. 2,00,000 per wallet load

*What are Creative Credits?


Get static creatives or video


Customised creatives designed by our experts


Get higher ROI

Creative Credits are additional credits offered by ShareChat Ads in the form of static creatives or video. Our design experts will create interactive creatives or video that is customised for your product or service. Keeping in mind the core objective of your ad campaign, these creatives will ensure that your campaigns are more effective and yield higher ROI for your brand.

Increase Online Sales With ShareChat Ads

ShareChat and Moj are India’s leading social media and short-video apps, with over 40 crore monthly active users. Market your brand to our wide list of users with multilingual ads and build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales.

40 Crore+
Monthly Active Users
16.5 Crore+
Content Shared/Month
28,000 Crore+
Video Views/Month
34 Minutes+
Spent Daily

ShareChat Offers Robust Advertising Tools For Your Internet Marketing Strategies


Run Multilingual Ads


Choose the right Campaign Objectives


Choose between native ads, video ads and interstitial ads


Target Language-First Audiences


Analyze Campaign Performance

Promote Your Local Business With Multilingual Campaigns

Personalization is the key to user engagement. As one of the primary targeting options, our ads platform imparts brand leverage to connect with audiences in multiple Indian languages. Regional advertising is the key to target the neo digital Bharat users and we offer accurate language targeting feature to scale your business.

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Be A Part Of Our ShareChat Family

Global brands are leveraging the power of ShareChat Ads. It’s time you join their league!

*Terms & Conditions for this offer

This offer is only applicable to customers with a valid billing address in India.


To avail the Ad Credits offer, create a business account on ShareChat Ads and deposit a minimum amount of Rs. 10,000 in your wallet.


100% of the wallet amount will be credited back to your account as ad credits for your first 3 wallet recharges only. You can start running your ad campaigns through ad credits, up until the time the credit runs out, or within 30 days; whichever comes first. PS: The offer is valid for wallet recharges between Rs 10,000 - Rs 2,00,000.


If you are an existing user who has signed up and recharged your wallet before January 4th, 2023, you will receive 100% ad credits on your next three wallet recharges starting January 5th, 2023.


To avail the Creative Credits offer, a minimum amount of Rs. 50,000 has to be added in your ads wallet in a single deposit.


For every Rs. 50,000, advertisers/brands will receive 300 Creative Credits. These creative credits are divided as follows:

a) 1 Video Creative in 1 language = 300 Creative Credits

b) 1 Creative Banner in 1 language = 100 Creative Credits


In order to avail the Creative Credits offer, the brand/advertiser will have to submit a form providing us with crucial details such as email id, phone number, and mention a convenient time to set up a meeting with our Brand Solutions team for creative requirements.


Post receiving a clear brief of the requirements, our design team will deliver the asset within 10 business days.


No alterations or iterations will be encouraged post creative delivery. Advertisers/Brands thus need to ensure that the brief provided from their end is apt and final.


Since the Creative Credits are a value added asset, advertisers/brands are legally obligated to utilise all creatives provided to them only on ShareChat and Moj apps for the purpose of running ad campaigns.


All amount added to ShareChat Ads wallet is non-refundable in nature.


Offer is subject to change without any prior notice. The decision to revoke this offer is under the sole discretion of ShareChat for Business.


Advertisers will be charged for all adverts that exceed the promotional ad credits accumulated in the wallet.


The offer is subject to advertisers fulfilling the brand guidelines set forth by ShareChat for Business.


This promotional credit cannot be sold or bartered by the advertiser and is non-transferable in nature.


Payment of all taxes and GST is the responsibility of the advertiser.


Terms and Conditions to avail the Exclusive Offer for Agency Partners are as follows:

a) To be eligible for this offer, all agencies will have to sign a lock-in period deal of 180 days from the date of first wallet load

b) All campaigns need to run on a minimum CPC bid of INR 4, minimum CPM bid of INR 40 for in-feed ads and minimum CPM bid of INR 80 for in-stream ads

c) The special incentives offer will be disclosed to each individual agency on a one-on-one basis by our onboarding team

d) All incentive payouts will be on a 90-day basis from the date of first wallet load

e) All incentive payouts are only applicable on the net amount spent in the given 90-day period

f) All agencies availing this offer are also eligible for ShareChat Ads' 1+1 Offer. However, Creative Credits cannot be replaced to avail additional ad credits or incentive payouts

g) This offer is subject to change without any prior notice. The decision to revoke this offer is under the sole discretion of ShareChat for Business


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